The Fox, The Stag And The Butterfly. 2nd commission in a series.The Lady With The Shoes.Pure.CaminoFallen.'Thought"Do you know The Five Lamps?Past DreamsConor Mc GregorGone Baby.The Coming Of SiddharthaGrace." Heart of India ""The Stag and the Fox."Untitled."There and Nowhere." Hush.Tree.TranscendFirst Dance.Last Glance.StormRobs visionFinding Strength.Purple Movement.Reaching for magicFeathersAngelWinters SilenceDylanThe Match Stick Girl.AliWarren Faye & Robert BallaghUntitledThe Fist Million Dollar Gate & The Late Great Jack DempseySitting Bulls DreamMonroeMarleySitting Bulls Dream.MarlynDublin A Heart in Dublin.
Many of Warren Faye's commissioned pieces have been of famous icons and heroes or imaginative illustrations. Warren creates in the media of oil, water colour, ink and graphic illustrations including digital painting.

Warren has painted canvases for bars and restaurants in New York including a twenty by three foot canvas of a restaurant scene which still hangs in New York Eats on Queens Boulevard. His work is also displayed on the Icon Walk Of Fame in Temple Bar.

Whatever your creative project or idea, if you wish to turn it into an artistic piece, Warren will be delighted to discuss this with you.