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New large size canvas painted in fine Acrylic by Warren Faye.120 x150 inch piece. Title - " Grace ." In the 16th century she walked the earth, Mother, Protector, cunning and invincible, the universe on her shoulders a woman of power and integrity as elegant as a dove and a fierce as a lioness. A woman of strength who built her own world on her two shoulders, The Gods whispered her name and held their breaths as she stilled their oceans in her wake as the Pirate Queen Grace O' Malley took Voyage on the great Atlantic coast. And now a moment silence:)

Grace, Gráinne O'Malley,Ó Máille, Gráinne O'Maly, "The Sea Queen of Connacht",16th-century Irish history Granny ni Maille,pirates, pirate queen, strong woman,
Acrylic on Canvas.
120' x 150'